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Precision Garage Door of the Upstate of South Carolina, Western North Carolina & Tri-Cities Area in Tennessee
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If there were a lower rating than 1 star I would have chosen it. I new spring was installed and I was charged $185.00 for it, and told it was a bargain price since the price should be $200.00. I was told my service charge would only be $55.00 and was charged $69.00. I called other companies after the work was done and was told that a spring only costs $55.00. This company's prices are beyond exorbitant. I have made several calls to the office and sent e mails and all were ignored. I DO NOT recommend this company in ANY way.
Marcia Greenbaum
Randy Service Provided:
Garage Door Repair

I was VERY upset with the service I received from Precision Doors. The technician came out as expected. My roommate was home and I was at work. The technician told her that I needed a new motor which would be a little over $400.00 or if I got a new garage door opener it was going to be over $900.00. My roommate did not want to authorize this much so called me and I talked to the technician on the phone. I asked him why a new garage door opener would be over $900.00. I said I had checked at Sears and had seen that new openers were around $200.00 (I do understand that I also would have to pay installation). I felt he was very evasive. He said that I needed the door fixed also and talked about the superior quality of the openers from Precision Door. I just said again that I didn't understand why the opener would be over $900.00. To be honest, I was dumbfounded at that price. I asked to speak to my roommate and told her to pay him the service charge and I would get someone else, that I did not trust him. She said that he got very angry and rude. He said that I wasted my money and if I wanted a door opener from Sears I should have called them. My roommate told me he never looked at the door, just pushed the button, heard the noise and said I needed a new motor or opener. I called Overhead door, they came the next day and fixed my door for $175.00. He said the door opener I had was a good quality, there was nothing wrong with the motor, and nothing wrong with my garage door. It needed a $75.00 part and is working well. I think this technician from Precision Door was trying to take advantage of a couple women. I think he was dishonest. I think that at the least he was so incompetent that I deserve my service charge back. He had no business being rude - I have the right to decline service (I could not afford $900.00). I would love to talk to you and will call you in a few days if I do not hear from you.
Sue Hannah
A Response from: Rich

Thanks for taking the time to provide that detailed review of our service. It's our goal to provide top quality products and service. We want to you to be completely satisfied. In this situation you were not and I apologize. I have reviewed the invoice and this is what I know for fact. You were provided a discounted service fee for the technician to come out and evaluate your door. In his 25 point analysis he identified multiple items negatively affecting the perfomance of your door and opener (failures). You were not home at the time of the service and our tech had to work through an intermediary, further complicating communication. We do this occasionally and usually with success, but it adds an element of difficulty and sometimes results in miscommunication. The technician you are describing consistently has very high reviews. It would be out of character for him to be rude or dismissive; however, I was not there. I do not challenge you and your roommate's perception of what happened. We do not always do as good a job as we should explaining technical issues, terminology, and the differences between repairs and replacement. The technician was actually quoting a rebuild of the opener (motor) and an alternate repair which would be a new, high quality (the best we have) replacement. This technician is skilled and well trained, but may not have been aware that you needed more information. He did, however, fully evaluate your problems and recommend suitable repairs. He provided the service you paid for. You may not have been pleased with the cost of the recommended repairs but that is not a failure on our part to provide the service you requested. I regret that you were put in the position of using another company because you did not trust us. That is a situation we never want our customers to be in. Should you have subsequent problems with your garage doors or their performance over the next 6 months, I will be glad to personally meet with you (no service fee), assess the problem(s), and spend the time necessary to make sure you have a full understanding. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Rich Battistini - General Manager Precision Door Service

Service Provided:
Garage Door Opener Repair

Although you have the biggest ad for garage companies, your service tech Rich charged me $85 for the looksee...You would have had the whole $1250 repair job, but your Tech would not work with me on payment terms...I offered to pay by CC within 2 weeks for the whole job, but your guy wanted only a postdated check or nothing...Hey guys, you got NOTHING!....(another door company) got the job, got my thanks, oh and yeah they were LESS....have a just marvelous day....
Winston Hines
A Response from: Rich

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am sorry you didnt find our service satisfactory and we could not do business together. It is our company policy to be get paid upon completion of service, COD. Because COD would not work for you at the time I did suggest payment by credit card. Depending on your billing cycle, payment can be deferred to as many as 8 weeks. I also offered to accept a post dated check, a rarity, but at least it shows that a payment was intended versus your suggestion of a promise to furnish a CC in 2 weeks. I did everything possible to find an agreeable option for you to pay. It has been our experience as a company that a promise to pay doesn't guarantee payment. It is unfortunate when you spend more time and energy chasing down the money than we exerted completing the job. Rich

Rich Service Provided:
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair